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Bio-Soluble Ceramic Blanket

        Ceramic Fiber is well known in having the property of insulating high temperature. It is widely used in many industries such as steel and aluminium industry, the furnace construction industries, refractory construction, petrochemical industry, etc. Besides, it is used in producing Removable Insulation Jackets / Covers which are used widely in power plant, petrochemical plant, etc.

        In the present, many industries have been looking for materials and products which are as much safe and friendly to human being as possible. Ceramic fiber ,which is, in both direct way and even indirect way, part of the materials used in the industries, also needs to be safe and friendly to human beings.

​        Bio-Soluble Ceramic Fiber is made and developed from AES Fiber or Alkaline Earth Silicate which is bio-soluble and not hazardous for human beings. That is to say, when the fibers are inhaled, the liquid in human body will dissolve them (the bio-soluble fibers) in biological way and evacuates them. That is the reason why the Bio-Soluble Fibers are safe for human beings; not hazardous and not remaining in the organism.

With the good properties of resisting high temperature (1000 ºC-1200 ºC) and having light weight, the Bio-Soluble Ceramic Fiber is widely used in the industries as mentioned above.

We supply the Bio-Soluble Ceramic Fiber with this size. 
Densities (kg/m³) 64 96 128
Fiber Diameter (µm) 3.5
Short Content (%) 12
Thickness (mm) 25
Width(mm) 610
Roll Length (m) 7

If you have enquiries on the sizes out of the above, you are always welcome to contact our salespeople with the company’s contact details given at the end of this page.

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