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Fiberglass Rope

Fiberglass Rope is made from texturized glass fiber yarns braided together into round braided rope and square braided rope which can resist high temperatures of up to 500 ºC.

Our Fiberglass rope is suitable for use as thermal insulation material especially high temperature resistant gaskets and mechanical seals to prevent leakage from or into the joints of industrial equipment such as boilers, industrial ovens, furnaces, heat exchangers etc. Besides, fiberglass rope is suitable for replacing asbestos-related gaskets which are believed to be harmful to human being’s health and are gradually disappearing from related industries.

We supply glass fiber rope of many sizes starting from 5.0mm diameter. You can contact our people with the contact details given below for any enquiries on different sizes.
Item Code Treatment Diameter (mm) Weight(g/m) Roll Length(m)
RBR500-LS00  Loomstate/Grey/Greig
(No special coating or treatment)
5.0mm    22g  50m
GRR10 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 10mm 80g 50m
GRR12 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 12mm 120g 50m
GRR15 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 15mm 180g 50m
GRR20 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 20mm 320g 25m
GRR25 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 25mm 470g 20m
GRR30 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 30mm 720g 20m
GRR35 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 35mm 950g 20m
GRR40 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 40mm 1250g 10m
GSR1010 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 10x10mm 100g 50m
GSR1212 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 12x12mm 150g 50m
GSR1515 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 15x15mm 240g 50m
GSR2020 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 20x20mm 400g 50m
GSR2525 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 25x25mm 610g 50m
GSR3030 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 30x30mm 875g 50m
GSR3535 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 35x35mm 1150g 50m
GSR4040 Loomstate/Grey/Greig 40x40mm 1370g 50m

Ceramic Rope
Item Code Treatment Diameter (mm) Weight(g/m) Roll Length(m)
CRR10 SS Wire Reinforced 10mm 60g 100m
CRR12 SS Wire Reinforced 12mm 85g 100m
CRR15 SS Wire Reinforced 15mm 130g 50m
CRR20 SS Wire Reinforced 20mm 200g 50m
CRR25 SS Wire Reinforced 25mm 330g 50m
CRR30 SS Wire Reinforced 30mm 420g 25m
CRR35 SS Wire Reinforced 35mm 550g 20m
CRR40 SS Wire Reinforced 40mm 730g 20m
CRR1010 SS Wire Reinforced 10x10mm 65g 100m
CRR1212 SS Wire Reinforced 12x12mm 90g 100m
CRR1515 SS Wire Reinforced 15x15mm 140g 50m
CRR2020 SS Wire Reinforced 20x20mm 210g 50m
CRR2525 SS Wire Reinforced 25x25mm 340g 50m
CRR3030 SS Wire Reinforced 30x30mm 430g 25m
CRR3535 SS Wire Reinforced 35x35mm 560g 20m
CRR4040 SS Wire Reinforced 40x40mm 750g 20m

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