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Fiberglass Tape

Glass fiber tape is made out of glass yarn woven on a narrow-width weaving loom. It has the appearance of fiberglass fabric but its width is much smaller, having the same properties lik of glass fabrics. That is to say it is thermal resistant and non-flammable.

In some applications having limited working areas, normal glass fabrics with wider sizes are not suitable. Glass Fiber Tape is therefore an alternative for better working comfort.

Our Glass Fiber Tape comes in various sizes both for the application in FRP composite; reinforcing joints, repairing plastic parts, FRP products making (boats, FRP Plant etc.,) and for the application in thermal insulation (up to 350 °C) such as wrapping hoses and equipment  cables for protection from harm by fire and high heat, wrapping household and industrial chimney etc.,

We supply both Glass Fiber Tape for heat insulation and Glass Fiber Tape for F.R.P composites.

Glass Fiber Tape for insulation application  
Item Code Thickness Width (mm) Width (inch) Roll Length(m)
EGT020-LS00 0.2mm 25 1" 30
  0.2mm 100 4" 30
  3.0mm 25 1" 30
  3.0mm 37 1 1/2" 30
  3.0mm 50 2" 30
FGT300-LS00 3.0mm 62 2 1/2" 30
  3.0mm 75 3" 30
  3.0mm 87 3 1/2" 30
  3.0mm 100 4" 30
  3.0mm 115 4 1/2" 30
FGT500-LS00 5.0mm 50 2" 30
  5.0mm 100 4" 30
Glass Fiber Tape for FRP Composite
Item Code Thickness Width (mm) Width (inch) Roll Length(m)
FGT020-LS00 0.2mm 100 4" 30

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