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Fiberglass Fabrics

Fiberglass Fabrics are made out of fine fibers of glass which are woven into fabrics of different sizes of thickness and width. Fiberglass Fabrics have the properties of resisting high temperatures, being non-flammable, being able to form light-weight and relatively strong products. With such the various properties, fiberglass fabrics are widely used for producing equipment and products related to Fiber Reinforced Polymer ( FRP) which itself is used as a composite material. The forming process is widely known as Glass Reinforced Plastic to gain strong, light-weight products.

Besides the application of reinforcement in FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials), fiberglass fabrics are also used in applications requiring the properties of thermal resistance and inflammability. Fiberglass Fabrics are also well known as thermal or heat insulation materials.

As a result, Fiberglass Fabrics are used for producing equipment and products with the performance of resisting high temperatures and even fire; for instance, Removable Insulation Jacket or Cover ( ฉนวนกันความร้อนแบบถอดเปลี่ยนได้) , Welding Curtain ( ผ้าม่านกันสะเก็ดไฟเชื่อม), Welding Blanket และ Welding Pad (ผ้ารองสะเก็ดไฟเชื่อม และ หมอนลองเชื่อม) and even Fire Blankets which are used in initially extinguishing fires.

Our fiberglass fabrics come in many sizes as follows;
Item Code Treatment  Thickness (mm) Weight(g/m²) Width (mm) Length(M/Roll)
FGC015-LS00 Loomstate/Greige/Grey 0.15mm 150g 1000 200m
FGC018-LS00 Loomstate/Greige/Grey 0.18mm 200g 1000 100m
FGC100-HE00 Heated 1.00mm 890g 1000 50m
FGC176-HE00 Heated 1.76mm 1700g 1000 50m
TGC300-LS00 Loomstate/Greige/Grey 3.00mm 1600g 1000 30m
GNM050-LS00 Loomstate/Greige 5mm 900g 1000 30m
GNM100-LS00 Loomstate/Greige 10mm 1100g 1000 20m
GNM150-LS00 Loomstate/Greige 15mm 2100g 1000 15m
GNM250-LS00 Loomstate/Greige 25mm 4200g 1000 10m
**Loomstate/Greige/Grey = the woven fabrics without any treatment of finishing or coating

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