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Silica fabrics

Silica fabrics have properties of resisting high temperatures of up to 1000 °C for long periods of time and have low thermal conductivity. It is non-flammable, and resistive to the impacts of some chemicals and acids. The silica fabrics have been ideal materials in the replacement of Asbestos which was widely used in refractories. With its properties as above, it has been widely used into the production of Welding Curtain / Welding Blanket / Welding Pad, Fire Blanket, parts of Removable Insulation Jacket or Insulation Cover and other thermal / fire retardant products.

Also, silica fabrics are used as base fabrics to be coated and finished with chemicals to enhance its properties and characteristics and satisfy end-users in need of specific usage. For instance, the silica fabrics are coated with silicone to make the waterproof and resistant to some kinds of chemicals.

The indirect advantage is to increase the strength of the silica fabrics and to extend their service lives.

We, KIC (Kitrungsab InsulationCo., Ltd), supply Silica Fabrics of different types and sizes as follows;
Item Code Treatment Thicknes Weight(g/m²) Width(mm) Length(M/Roll)
SLC070-VL02 Vermiculite-Coated 0.70mm 600g 1000 50m
SLC135-VL02 Vermiculite- Coated 1.35mm 1100g 1000 50m
SLC070-HE00 Heated 0.70mm 580g 1000 50m
SLC135-HE00 Heated 1.35mm 1060g 1000 50m
SLC220-HE00 Heated 2.20mm 1400g 980 50m
SLC075-SR02 Silicone-Coated 0.75mm 795g 920 45m

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