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High-Temp Sewing Thread

High-Temp Sewing Thread
The sewing threads which are normally used in garment and textile industries are made from Polyesters, Polypropylene, Nylon etc. which have  low temperature resistance of less than 100 ºC. For the production of fabrics for use in high temperature applications, high-temp resistant sewing threads are needed to secure the cloth’s seam. 

K I C sewing thread  is made from high-temperature resistant materials such as silica yarn, stainless steel, fiberglass, Kevlar or Aramid and PTFE ( Polytetrafluoroethylene which is not only able to resist high temperatures of up to 280 ºC but is also resistant to chemicals). We have supplied sewing threads which are certified by MIL standard. KIC’s sewing thread comes in various types for composite materials and applications as follows ;

Item Code Materials Diameter Temperature
Properties (
PST020 100% PTFE 0.20mm 280 ºC
AST025-WR01 Aramid + Stainless Steel Wire 0.25mm 400 ºC
FST035-PE00 Fiberglass with PTFE Lubricant 0.35mm 500 ºC
FST045-PE00 Fiberglass with PTFE Lubricant 0.45mm 500 ºC
FST200-PE00 Fiberglass + Stainless Steel Wire with PTFE Lubricant 2.0mm 500 ºC
SST114-LS00 Stainless Steel 316L 0.25mm 600 ºC
SSY025-PE00 Silica with PTFE Lubricant 0.25mm 980 ºC

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